Info for Buyers

When Buying Any Rural Real Estate . . .

When buying any property, start by know exactly what you’re searching for and establishing your preferences. If a loan is going to be needed, get pre-qualified as soon as possible to qualify what you can afford.

You have several funding options when purchasing any property. Explore as many options as possible to make sure your funding best meets your needs.

If you require a loan, look for a lender that offers a low and competitive interest rate. Getting a low-interest rate is essential! Always work to get as low an interest rate as possible, as it will help increase profits if and when you sell.

Always inspect any property before you purchase and if a home in included, have a professional inspector take a look. The cost of an inspection will be significantly lower than a major repair missed during the buying process.

Most Colorado properties have an accurate history of who owns the property, but mistakes happen. Title insurance will protect you from hidden mortgages, clerical errors, easement problems, and any late tax bills or unpaid mortgages from former owners. Property insurance is a must to guard structures and equipment, and crop insurance can protect you from financial losses caused by unseen conditions.

Buyer Services:

Strategic Planning
To acquire the right property at the right time, I will tailor a strategic plan specific to a buyer’s goals and objectives. Basic principles like listening and asking questions of buyers’ needs, I’ll develop a client profile outlining objectives, property characters, schedules, and timing.

Property Search
Searching for and finding the right property requires researching clients from our national database, analysis of potential investment or residential properties, and providing regular client reviews and reporting.

Also, I provide preparation and submittal of offers while supporting our clients with clear advice toward the final agreements. We’ll manage all counter-offers, ensuring honesty and professionalism representation during this critical phase.

I monitor and provide all records for buyers review, including financial forecasting, managing all legal, landman, water, solar, wind, and mineral consultations as needed, draft any related agreements.

I strictly supervise the closing schedule for due diligence and assist any legal, inspections, warranties, surveys, insurance, and title work responsibilities and dates.