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Choosing a Rural Real Estate Broker . . .

Providing rural real estate services that result in successful property sales needs to balance four key components: the market, price, condition of the acreage, farm or residence, and exposure. Because I follow northeast Colorado rural property market trends, I can leverage the features of your property and limit any disadvantages. 

Plus, I’m trained in areas like pre-qualifying potential buyers and negotiating with them, I can list your property in local, regional, national, and international markets so anyone worldwide can find it. But we’ll ensure no one wastes your time if they’re not qualified to purchase your property.

When deciding on a representative to help you purchase any property, consider their competence, past achievements, sales expertise, market knowledge, and letters of recommendation. Also, look at how comfortable you would be working with any real estate professional. Brokers with work with you through the joys and frustrations of purchasing property.

Seller Services:

I extensively research comparable properties across the region, review and assess all available ownership and production records, evaluate production/yield performance, obtain and create professional-level mapping and photography resources, and provide an accurate market evaluation of value.

The value of a property comes from multiple variables; minerals, wells, and their performance, capital improvements, and easements. I’ll utilize these variables to bring an accurate value to your property to the highest possible market value.

I’ll develop a custom professional property profile with flyers, brochures, presentation materials and develop a plan utilizing our local, regional, and national sources and advertise as needed across multiple traditional and social media platforms.

Connecting with potential buyers is key to our success; we’ll review each offer for its profitability and manage the process of counter-offers and negotiations with your undivided interests in mind.

Once an offer is accepted, I strictly monitor and coordinate the closing process with seller and buyer, ensuring due diligence and complete understanding of each step, it’s due date, notification of requirements of both buyer and seller to the finalization of the sale.